Story Collection - Chaalbaaz

Definitely Tomorrow

Mayank looked around his room and sighed. It was a mess. The bedsheet was crumpled as if he had spent the night fighting with it, which in hindsight maybe how he slept. The pillow was in the middle of the bed instead of on top and the sheer number of electronic gadgets on the bed were a fire hazard for sure.

When Mayank’s eyes moved away from the bed, the sight was even worse. Where the bed at least had scope, the table had lost its identity completely. Everything from papers to boxes to books were on the table. He couldn’t even identify which was which at this moment.

“I will clean this up. I promise.” Mayank said to himself for the umpteenth time. Right now, that was all he could offer his room. He was getting late for a meeting and has managed to oversleep even in this strenuous situation. This meant that the room could only look at him in hope. Mayank tried to find the watch he had received as a gift but couldn’t find it in the pile in his table so he jumped to the next best thing — his smartwatch. It was an important meeting so he had wanted to look the part but as life would have it — that wasn’t possible today.

Mayank left the room and locked the door. As soon as the door was locked, Mayank’s mind got wiped clean. There was no room anymore to clean, no problems to sort inside the house. His whole mind shifted to the task at hand — getting a cab to reach the office at time.

Mayank was just in time for the meeting.

Once the meeting was over, Mayank felt the thrill of holding the room by himself. This was his first time with such a huge responsibility and when his colleagues gave him a treat, he just couldn’t say no.

By the time he reached home, he was completely smashed.

“Tomorrow is Saturday. I will definitely do it tomo…” Mayank said to himself and fell on the bed. Before he could complete his statement, he had dozed off.

The room remained in the same state that night, as with every previous night since she had left.

Random Tales

kpwrites #3

“I don’t know what to say but I think the best thing would be for you to leave,” she said without meeting his eyes.

Rohan looked up waiting for Sanya to at least acknowledge his existence but after a few minutes, it was clear that this was a futile venture. Rohan picked his gift and left.

Sanya fell into the chair and tears started to pour from her eyes. She had never thought that she would say no to Rohan’s proposal. However, the truth is that she couldn’t say yes in good faith after what had happened between Kartik and her last night. She wanted to believe that it was more than just physical but that would be a lie, at least right now.

She had met Kartik yesterday at a friend’s party and had woken up in his bed this morning. She wanted to blame the alcohol, the party, her fight with Rohan but in the end, it was all her. Kartik had been a gentleman offering her breakfast but she was in no mood to eat. And when she reached home, Rohan was there on one knee offering her a ring. She couldn’t believe that he would propose to her after the fight they had two days ago.

‘I should’ve told him,’ she thought with her hands on her forehead. Tears were flowing freely now. “Why was I such an idiot?”

Rohan threw the ring on his way out. It was a fake and didn’t cost him more than a coffee. He took out his phone and started typing. Disgust was blatant on his face.

“Completed the dare.”

“Good. What was her response?”

“She told me to get out of the house.”

“But she didn’t tell you about last night.”



Kartik and Rohan had known each other since childhood. Each putting the other through ridiculous challenges and placing bets on the outcomes. Two days ago, after his fight with Sanya, a drunk Rohan had dared Kartik to sleep with her. He wanted to test her resolve in the relationship. On the other hand, if Kartik succeeded, Rohan had to propose to Sanya.

Rohan had lost more than a bet this time.

Kartik hung up the phone down. For the first time, he wished he hadn’t won.

Sanya picked up the phone. “I have to tell Rohan the truth.”